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Latest Placements

There are 212 case studies in this section. These describe the issues our clients faced as they approached their job search and how we helped them with securing new positions and negotiate better packages. At the beginning of many stories, you will see a video or audio symbol. Click on that and listen to or watch the client speak about their Stewart, Cooper & Coon search experience.

Steven L. – 17% Salary Increase Over Last Job + $15K Bonus + Car + House Hunting Expenses

Another Barbara Limmer candidate placement report.  After several interviews for a couple of different VP level positions with different companies, Steven landed a great position where he will get to open a new market for an established company. Here is his story.

Steven had initial discussions with Jerry Strohman who helped him customize a program to meet his search needs. Steven was laid off due in part to executive turnover; the company needed to reduce expenses.  However, there were some issues raised in his last performance review that had to do with a potential retaliation, after what could be referred to as “whistle blowing.”

He had several challenges including,   a) his whole career had been in the real Read More

Andrew B. – To Move or Not To Move? Growth and Compensation Drove Decision

Andrew came to SCC to help him set a long term strategy for his career. He had a very good job, but was not comfortable with the way the company was moving, saw limited upward mobility, and potential reductions in the scope of his role (and therefore compensation). Taking a very pro-active stance, rather than wait for the other shoe to drop and HAVE to look for work, Andrew engaged SC&C and worked diligently with his Campaign Director from the very beginning of his job search effort and particularly focused on discussion about where his highest and best use might be.

He had extensive experience in the banking sector, but did not see any hope for a move due Read More

Adam C. – $160K +21% Bonus + 5% Deferred Comp. Match + 401K

Adam came to us to help him transition out of a highly volatile Solar market. He led a sales and marketing effort in a situation where the industry was in turmoil, there were cash constraints, Federal funding was questionable, and new investor dollars were required (but not available) to support business expansion. Adam really liked the space he was in, but was seeking something with more stability, like his previous 20 years with a Fortune 100 company.

The biggest challenge for Adam was controlling an interview without being “controlling.”  As a sales professional, his tendency was to push for a close rather than listen to the need and share a solution from his past experience by way of a … Read More

Steve S. – 60-day Search + Great Package

Steve came to us after the contract with his former employer expired, and they decided not to renew.  Steve really liked the utilities market and wanted to find something within the same space, but did not really know how efficiently pursue the best opportunities, or how to interview effectively.  It had been a number of years since he had interviewed for any position. In Steve’s own words, here is how the position came about:

“I responded to a job opportunity that I discovered on one of the many job boards that I was using. The position was for a Utility Director for XXXX.  The position was what I was comfortable with, since it was the same work that I Read More

John W

It is my pleasure to announce that John has accepted the position of Director of R&D for XXXX. Here are John’s comments to us in an email about the process of securing his new position.

A month ago, I formed a list of friends who I felt comfortable enough to call and network with to find a new position. These are people I have known for several years. The list grew to 24 friends. I was surprised by that. When I first started, I could only think of 5 or 6. In the first few days I made calls to 7 friends.  Some chatted with me for half an hour, others kept going for more than an hour.  After … Read More

John Q. – Too Long In One Company –Multiple Offers

John came to us having left many, many years of service with his former company.  In fact, having stayed that many years at one company created the image in the mind of those interviewing him that his skills were out-of-date and the potential contribution he might make to any company would be minimal.  That is not the way to start a job search.  Also, the culture of his former organization was changing, and John felt it was an opportune time to relocate back to the southeast, to be closer to his family.

John worked with Bill Temple, his SC&C Campaign Director, to restructure is “appeal” and highlight those competencies he had that would bring both top and bottom line to … Read More

Al C. – Sr. Dir. Retail Sales – $160K Base + 21% Bonus + $5K or 5% Deferred Comp Match +

Here is a listing of some of Al’s package content in the middle of a recession, provided by Bill Temple, Al’s SC&C Campaign Director.

  • Annual gross salary:  $160,000
  • Short-Term Incentive: 21% of annual fiscal year-end salary.
  • Executive Deferred Compensation II Plan:  defer up to 50% of your base salary
  • Matching Compensation:  matching $5,000, or 5%, of deferred annual income
  • Long Term Executive Compensation
  • Term life insurance – 2x annual salary
  • Short and long term disability insurance
  • Education assistance
  • Health and Wellness programs
  • Medical, dental, vision, prescription, EAP
  • 3 weeks paid vacation per fiscal year
  • 10 paid holidays per year
  • Flexible spending account – Health Care, Dependent Care
  • 401K Matching
Read More

Susan S. – Anatomy of Interview Process and Successful Negotiation

It is my great pleasure to announce that Susan has accepted a position as VP and General Manager for XXXX.  She was able to land a good base package, plus commission, that will exceed $200K annually. The company also provides profit participation, full benefit package, and the usual reimbursements.  Here is a shortened chronology of her interview and negotiation process and some thoughts from Bill Temple on her final offer. SS is Susan and WT is Bill Temple, her SC&C Campaign Director.

SS:  Bill, today, I signed off on the paperwork and we are moving forward. I’m very excited about the opportunity and will talk with you on Monday.

SS:  My offer is attached – reviewing now and … Read More

Fran S. – 3.5 Month Search – More Money

Imagine working 20 years for a top notch technology company (Fortune 1000) successfully climbing the ranks to being a Senior Finance Executive, only to learn that your career would end soon with the acquisition by another Fortune 1000 company.  This acquisition affected hundreds of her fellow workers, as well, but Fran never imagined the difficulty she would have leaving what had become her life’s work and the colleagues who had become family to her.

After her release, Fran went overseas to “decompress” and visit with family.  Upon her return, she started to do volunteer work as she began looking for a new position.  In a hyper-competitive economic environment it’s easy to lose confidence, especially since “quality” interviews were few Read More

Robert M. – No Relocation Required – Searching and Working Full-Time –

I am pleased to announce that Rob M. has accepted the position of Director of Supply Chain for XXXX, a company located 5 minutes from Rob’s home.

Rob came to SC&C because, as he stated in his first email to us: “Recognizing my own limitations, I’m searching for a firm to help me with my executive career. I’d like to have some help getting to interviews for positions that will further my career. I am employed currently. I work a full schedule and it is about to become busier, with an increase in travel, so I don’t have time to handle a lot of the job search leg work myself. I need a professional firm specializing in helping executive Read More

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