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Latest Placements

There are 212 case studies in this section. These describe the issues our clients faced as they approached their job search and how we helped them with securing new positions and negotiate better packages. At the beginning of many stories, you will see a video or audio symbol. Click on that and listen to or watch the client speak about their Stewart, Cooper & Coon search experience.

Brian R– Introducing New Product to U.S. – 2.5 Mos. In Search

Brian has accepted the position of Territory Manager at XXXX. This is an exciting position for Brian and falls dead center in his experience and career interest sweet spot. The company is a newer name in North America, although in Europe, they have the #1 position in their industry niche. They decided to go direct in North America by adding 4-5 sales reps. It has been a family-owned company for 160 years, and its expansion of US markets gives Brian a lot of upside potential.

Brian was approached for this position by a recruiter who is extremely well connected in the space and who had placed all the senior sales leadership for the company. After preparing for, then working through … Read More

John G. – CFO – It works over and over and over…

Here is a note from a former client to Bill Temple (his coach) and Fred Coon.  “I had to reach out to the both of you personally, because Bill’s coaching, teaching and SC&C’s methods were instrumental in finding and ultimately landing the CFO position with XXXX.

After I was employed the first time when I used SC&C, I have used the same tactics over the years.  In fact, they were a key factor in landing my latest position.  A banker that I bounced from a company 11 years ago has stayed in touch professionally.  My resume and web profile crossed his desk last summer impressing him and his team.  The owners of XXXX have known this same now-former banker turned … Read More

Larry G. – $87K more than competitor’s offer + $100K Signing Bonus + $2M Equity Stake Value +

Here is a note from Kyle Stone, Larry’s Campaign Director.  “Awesome news to report —Larry has accepted the CEO position at XXXX.  He and his family currently reside in a mid-western state.  They had just completed relocation from overseas. Believe it or not, he had previously accepted a COO position with another company, while his XXXX candidacy was still under consideration.

I counseled him in great detail, especially on his XXXX negotiations, and aside from a signing bonus (which he and I worked on as something to be added to his base salary); he received everything else he asked for.  In my placement follow-up conversation he revealed the following:

-increased the $225K base offer to $252K ($87K+ … Read More

Mike L. – President – Multiple Offers – 90 day Search + $140K Salary Increase + No Cap Bonus

It is my great pleasure to announce that Mike has accepted the position of President, of XXXX.  Mike already had an offer on the table from YYYY for President, of an environmental company but implemented the SC&C strategy and negotiation advice and held YYYY off long enough to receive and negotiate a generous offer from XXXX.  They also gave Mike voting shares with immediate vesting, in the event of a change of control. All other typical employee benefits apply.… Read More

Helen V. – CEO – New International Opportunity Created Just For Her

It is my great pleasure to announce that Helen V. has formally accepted and is now working as the CEO for XXXX, a commercial, for profit, clothing manufacturer that will be selling products produced by women overseas, as part of a program to generate funds for a sister non-profit organization. The non-profit organization provides start-up funds so women can become employed in their own business ventures. The support gives them a track record so that the small business can then qualify for micro credit loans from regional banks.

This position came about from a networking connection in China, who knew of the founder of the non-profit and thought Helena might be a good connection for her. Helen wanted to leave Read More

Randy S. – $190K Base + $20K Signing Bonus + 50% Performance Bonus +

I am pleased to tell you that Randy has accepted a new position as VP Business Improvement at a global equipment holding company.  He reports directly to the CEO.  Randy conducted an active job search campaign while employed full-time. He was a specialist in Lean and Six Sigma business improvement. His goal was to find a VP level role reporting to a higher level. He had gotten to the final stages of interviews prior to connecting with us and realized that he needed some serious interviewing assistance which he went through the “Phoenix Experience” at SC&C’s CT offices.

Randy received a nice bump in his base salary and a $20,000 sign on bonus with assistance with temporary living expenses … Read More

Jason D. – 6-Week Job Search – Multiple Offers – Senior Position –

Here is a note from Bill Temple about Jason’s job search campaign.  Jason came to SC&C as part of an outplacement arrangement with his company. Jason’s background is in IT and Operations management and he wanted to stay tightly aligned with these two areas of interest. Having been recruited to his former company, after eight years with GE Healthcare, Jason had never really faced a job search before, and was concerned about how his credentials would stand out in a highly competitive market. He also wanted to explore several options before making his choice in a new employer.

Working with Bill, Jason developed a very clear, concise and compelling story both in written form through his resume and his online Read More

Dennis V. – Mid-Sixties – Too Old? Absolutely Not! – VP Sales and Marketing

Here is a note from Bill Temple about Dennis.  He became a client because the business that he had established had to close down due to the constriction of the economy. He wanted to explore where he might go both inside and outside his industry segment (furniture manufacturing) and did not really know where to start.

Working with his coach, Dennis built a very compelling personal story, summarized in, and communicated through, his SC&C WebFolio. His focus was about building successful business operations, irrespective of the industry segment, but the reality of the world is that companies look first at those with direct experience, no matter how transferable the abilities of an individual might be.

Being a realist, Dennis … Read More

Mike S. – Strategic Career Move – No Relo Required – $166K Base Salary

Here is a note from Barbara Limmer, Mike’s coach.  “I just got off the phone with Mike and I am pleased to report that he has accepted an offer.  He will begin his new position at XXXX in two weeks. His campaign was a challenge in that he had a variety of operational roles at his former company and those were giving mixed signals, regarding his career path.  Also, he wanted to transition into a senior IT role, ultimately becoming either CIO or CTO.  His new position as ILM Architect, positions him perfectly for the next move in his career – a CTO/CIO role.  During his hiring interviews they told him they will groom him for the CIT … Read More

Todd C. – A Two Level Advance in a Fortune 100 Company

A note from Barbara Limmer, Todd’s coach at SC&C – “Todd was told his position was ending at XXXX.  He also expressed that he wanted to have more than a one-industry focus.  As we worked together to set a new course for his career direction, he was suddenly called from an internal executive at XXXX and was asked if he would like to interview for a senior position to run their data centers.  Within two weeks he was offered and accepted the position!  This new move advances him two levels up within XXXX.  He is now an Executive Director.  He completely bypassed one level, Managing Director, and continues his rise in the company.

His new role puts him into … Read More

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