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Latest Placements

There are 212 case studies in this section. These describe the issues our clients faced as they approached their job search and how we helped them with securing new positions and negotiate better packages. At the beginning of many stories, you will see a video or audio symbol. Click on that and listen to or watch the client speak about their Stewart, Cooper & Coon search experience.

Kathy B – $165K– Great Package + No Relocation Goal Achieved

Here is a note from Kathy’s SC&C Campaign Director. Hi everyone, I am delighted to share the news with you that Kathy has found a wonderful new job. She began her search while she was still employed and her job just ended. Kathy just joined XXXX, a 75 year old family owned manufacturing firm. The company was taken over by a PE firm and there is a new CEO with whom Kathy really clicked. Her title is Operational VP. “I am really happy with and very appreciative of my experience with all of you at Stewart Cooper & Coon. Thanks soooooo much! Kathy”Read More

Diane D. – Multiple Interviews – Great Offer + $25K Bonus!

Here is a note from the client about her SC&C executive search to Jo Ann Moser, her SC&C campaign Director. “Jo Ann, Thought I’d drop a note to let you know I’ve secured a new position with XXXX, in their healthcare division. I am thrilled. Great base AND $25,000 bonus. Great company; great future opportunities.  Thank you for your coaching early in my process.

Here are the details of how it all came together: “I was contacted by a recruiter. I was interviewed by him via phone and then had another phone interview with one their directors. A couple of weeks later, the recruiter (internal) told me positions were on hold for several months. I kept in contact with him. … Read More

MaxwellG. – New Job + 2 Venture-Backed Jobs with Enormous Upside Potential

I am happy to announce that Max has accepted a position that will allow him to pursue two entrepreneurial ventures.   Max came to us as a Marketing and Technology executive specializing in “Big Data” use for growing companies. His last two companies he founded.  It had been five years since he had worked for someone else.

He participated in the Phoenix Experience and we spent time on his ability to articulate his successes, as we worked on integrating his interview techniques with the proven tactics for interviewing we teach each SC&C client.  He embraced our Job Search Activity system which included his tracking and reporting his activities on a monthly basis.  He did a great deal of networking, and was … Read More

Kristin J – “Thrilled” With New Position – Relocation Paid

Please join me in congratulating Kristin who accepted the position of Labor Relations Consultant for XXXX. In this new role Kristin will work with the teachers’ union and support 11 school districts in the mid-west.

Kristin lived in the Western U.S. and will be relocating to the mid-west. She applied for a Director of Organizing position with the XXX. She was notified that she did not get the position but was asked to take a look at the Labor Relations Consultant role. Kristin expressed interest and, after the first round of interviewing was complete, she was the only candidate they brought back.

In Kristin’s exact words. . .”I am THRILLED.”… Read More

Todd D. – 30% Package Increase – Two Offers

It is my pleasure to announce that Todd has accepted the position of Key Account Manager for XXXX. As Todd indicates below, his total package exceeded his current compensation by nearly 30%.

When Todd first started with us (referred by a friend of his who knew about SC&C), he had been out of work only a couple of months. His primary objectives were to find an opportunity either in the Phoenix market, or closer to family in Houston, Texas, and to be able to leverage his industry experience. He felt that he had pretty much used up his networking connections and did not have a clear sense of what his next steps should be.

We worked on defining his “brand” … Read More

Matt H. – $25K More + $10K Signing Bonus

Here is a note from Bill Temple’s client, Matt about his search process.  “It is my pleasure to announce that Matt has accepted a position with XXXX as Director of Operations.  We worked Matt through our process but the rubber met the road during negotiations.  Matt increased his base salary by $25,000 over the original offer and a secured a $10,000 signing bonus and an extra week of vacation, and a performance bonus.  Matt will now be able to work close to home whereas he was considering relocation – a move that was not welcome to his family.
Here is

Read More

Barbara T. – 3 Wk Search + $8K Over Offer + $25K Bonus + $12K Relocation

Barbara Limmer penned this note on her newest placement.  “I am thrilled to announce that Barbara T. has accepted the position of Director of Marketing for XXXX.   Her new company is a financial services company with multiple branches. Here is Barbara’s story:
Barbara had been out of work for nearly a year when she came Stewart, Cooper & Coon.  She had been with her previous company for over 11 years.  She was looking for a similar role as Marketing Director, and was open to either staying in Financial Services or looking at new industries.  She was also open to relocation, since she was currently living in the mid-West and wanted to move.
Barbara had two main challenges.  One was … Read More

Chris H. – $14K Salary Increase – Used SC&C Negotiation Tactics

A placed client note from Valerie El-Jamil. Chris has accepted a position as Director of Finance for the XXXX Corporation.  While we were developing his worksheets, he secured an interview for a director of accounting position with XXXX.  To give him the best edge possible, I forwarded him the interview preparation materials and coached him on interview techniques.

After the interview, Chris called to say it went very well and they indicated he would go to the next round of interviews.  Three months later, XXXX contacted him to let him know they were holding off on filling the position as they were waiting to evaluate the fallout from the national fiscal cliff.  In addition, they retitled the position to Director … Read More

Robert C. – Previous Family-Owned Company – Interview Challenges

Another Barbara Limmer client success story:  Dear Campaign and Exec Team, I’m pleased to announce that Robert has accepted a great position.  Robert came to us having worked for his family’s not-for-profit business for the past 19 years.  His experience was in 3 functional areas: Accounting/Finance, IT, and Operations, and his challenge was in positioning himself as one who could specialize in any of these areas or in a role that combines two or three of these functions.
He is very soft-spoken, and had to work very hard to learn how to sell himself both in interviews and in networking meetings, as well as get out of his comfort zone to network and have informational conversations with … Read More

ZB – International Client – 2 Month Search – Multiple Interviews

A note from Barbara Limmer, Stewart, Cooper & Coon Campaign Director for Z, on his acceptance of his new position as Director of Client Services for XXXX.
Z had been living in the United States for four years when he found Stewart, Cooper & Coon. He originally came from India but had become an American resident.  He was truly an international client with a Russian wife, undergraduate college in Cyprus and graduate degree from Michigan, was living the southern U.S. and began his career in marketing in Toronto, Canada.
He had accepted a job and spent two years as Managing Director / Account Director at YYYY, a brand marketing & creative agency.  This was just the ticket for re-introducing him … Read More

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