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Latest Placements

There are 212 case studies in this section. These describe the issues our clients faced as they approached their job search and how we helped them with securing new positions and negotiate better packages. At the beginning of many stories, you will see a video or audio symbol. Click on that and listen to or watch the client speak about their Stewart, Cooper & Coon search experience.

Scott K. – Two Wk Interview Process – $162K+

It is my privilege to announce that Scott has received and accepted an offer from XXXX as their District Manager and, as luck would have it, his district is headquartered in his current town of residence.  Scott worked his way through several opportunities and another offer, and, thank God, they did not pan out as many of the nuances of the situations were not in Scott’s best interest, something we discovered through our ongoing review of interviews and offers.  Here is Scott’s story in his own words:
“A few weeks ago I had received a call from a colleague at a former company.  My colleague let me know he was a District Manager for XXXX in another part of … Read More

Dan M. – $180K Base + $40K more than he thought he would get – GREAT Package!

It my pleasure to announce that Dan has accepted the position of Sr. Manager, Domestic Tax Compliance for XXXX, a Fortune 2000 company. Dan came to us, having ending a contract position with YYYY in the Northeast, six months before. Dan had a long (22-year) and illustrious career with ZZZZ, ending up as their VP of Income Tax, when he became part of a restructuring in 2010 and lost his job. He has been searching for a permanent position ever since.

Dan’s major hurdles were that he had no CPA certification and no clear understanding of how to define himself, let alone market his own product. He understood the importance of managing his career but he lacked the tools to … Read More

Ray M. – Chief People Officer – $170K Base

Ray landed the job of Chief People Officer with XXXX, a privately held company in the mid-west that owns several hundred retail establishments. The thing that makes this story special is that Ray and his wife are lifelong residents of where they now live. They wanted to avoid moving too far away, but opportunities at his level are very few in his home town. Ray’s new position is only 100 miles from their current house.  He will also be earning an equity stake in the company in his new position.  He is quite happy.

Ray was the Director of Human Resources for a regional accounting firm, when he engaged SC&C to help him in his job search.  Though working full-time … Read More

Chad B. – CFO – Relo Paid – Moving Back Home

Here is a note from our client Chad.  “Been a busy few months. I moved back home to the (mid-west) to take a Sr. Director of Finance job at XXXX reporting to the CFO. Initially I was in charge of finance for Operations (all stores), Distribution, Replenishment, Licensee development, and HR. Additionally, on Friday, I was given responsibility for real estate analytics and real estate design. Things are going very well even in light of our parent, YYYY selling off half of its subsidiaries a couple weeks ago and getting a new CEO a month ago.

I found the job completely by connecting with the CFO and then the CEO on LinkedIn. At the time they had no job and … Read More

Robert K. – Worked In Family Business – Now In New Industry – Controller

Robert has been placed in a new position. Robert came to us as someone who had worked for his family’s not-for-profit business for the past 19 years. His experience was in 3 functional areas: Accounting/Finance, IT, and Operations, and his challenge was in positioning himself as one who could specialize in any of these areas or in a role that combines two or three of these functions.

He is very soft-spoken, and had to work very hard to learn how to sell himself both in interviews and in networking meetings, as well as get out of his comfort zone to network and have informational conversations with a variety of people including those he did not yet know. He also took … Read More

Christopher K. – 21 months Unemployed – Now In Great Job!

A note from Jo Ann Moser about her client Chris.  Good morning all.  I am writing this short note to let you know that Christopher has been placed. He will be assuming the role of Manager of Special Projects at XXXX in CA.  He has been out of work for 21 months and he is very pleased to be going back to work and be starting with a company that has international locations and a company that can offer him upward mobility.  He is also pleased with the company location.… Read More

Bob S. – Legal Eagle Soars Even Though Not A Rainmaker

Bob came to us having been a private practice and successful in-house corporate business attorney. His last corporate position was as a staff attorney for a national bank in areas of regulatory compliance. When his position with the bank was eliminated in a corporate restructuring, Bob decided it was time to find the next “corporate” environment in which to work. He was open to commercial, non-profit and even government sectors for his next position. Not being a “rainmaker” himself, Bob wanted to focus on problem solving issues that plague larger operations rather than try to rebuild his private practice.

Working with his coach, Bob learned how to develop a personal value proposition and brand identify for his own “product” that … Read More

Michelle S. – 200 Applicants, One Chosen – SC&C Client Gets the Job + $20K Relo.

I’m pleased to announce that Michelle has accepted the position of VP of Marketing at XXXX, has reported to work and she loves it there! Michelle came to us, having recently moved to the U.S from another country. She had just gotten married. Her challenge was that she had been with the same employer for the last 11 years, rising from Branch Manager to Director of Marketing Integration, and hadn’t ever really looked for a job. Her career had been in banking and financial services, and her preference was to remain in a similar industry while using her Marketing and Sales leadership experience. She was open to relocating, but wanted to be in a warm-weather area.

Together we worked on … Read More

Robin K. – $70K Package Increase

Robin has accepted the position of SVP Strategy & Business Development for XXXX, an organization that exists in the Credit Union industry space. Her package gives her an income opportunity of over $250K, up from about $180K for her last position.

Robin came to us to try and find a solution to her employment situation which involved working for a financial services company in the upper mid-west, while still living in the deep South. Her current employer was insisting on her relocating to the upper mid-west, and her family situation required that she not leave their current home location. She was caught between throwing away a 15-yr history with the same company with no other job opportunities to back her … Read More

Jeff F.– New Company– More $$– Greater Challenge

Jeff has landed a position and starts on Monday with XXXX, a 4-year-old company that is cash-flow positive, and is rapidly growing. It has over 12,000 clients, predominantly celebrities, executives, etc., who need help with their reputations, whether in building a personal brand, repairing damage, or in constant monitoring and management of their reputation through their Internet presence.

Jeff is joining XXXX to assist them in redeveloping and unifying the brand across its three vertical units, then expanding its brand presence.  He sees this as…”a very exciting opportunity to grow a business rapidly.”

Jeff was able to negotiate a much better package than was originally offered and also negotiated equity position, as well. There is another company that he is … Read More

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