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Latest Placements

There are 212 case studies in this section. These describe the issues our clients faced as they approached their job search and how we helped them with securing new positions and negotiate better packages. At the beginning of many stories, you will see a video or audio symbol. Click on that and listen to or watch the client speak about their Stewart, Cooper & Coon search experience.

Frank E. – Cash Increase $36% + $42K Relo + $180K Base

Here is a message from Barbara Limmer to the SC&C team about her latest placement. I wanted to let you all know that Frank has accepted the position of VP of Finance & Accounting for a computer manufacturing company located in TX (about a 4 hour drive from where he currently lives. Frank came to us in August of last year and here is his story.

He came to us after having a “toxic” exit from his last company (his words); they had had a change in leadership, and the company’s strategy subsequently changed dramatically. He said it was “not a friendly” departure. He worked with us on defining his strengths and successes, both for his written materials as well … Read More

John C.- Retired Military – $180K Salary – Sign $25K – $50K Relo -$4k Rent Allowance

House Hunting Trips for Spouse-Paid Closing Costs and Realtor Fees on Current Home. I am happy to report that John has accepted a role as a Senior Director for Business Development with XXXX. John was a bit reluctant at the start because he felt that as retired military he would have a struggle “de-militarizing” himself, and he worried that his best years were now behind him and that no one would recognize his value.

Here is his package:Base salary $180,000 – $50K for relocation expenses and he can pocket all of that since he has one more move left that “Uncle Sam” will be paying for as retired military.

Sign-on Bonus $25K.
Monthly Housing Subsidy … Read More

Bob D. – 6-Mo Search Time – $450K Base+ $250K Signing Bonus – $1.8MM Package Much Desired Family Time

Relocating seven times —  annual travel exceeding 40 weeks per year – Enough Said!  Bob was asked by his company, to move again for an opportunity to do more of the same within the same business unit.   He felt it was time to take more control over his career and his life, and try to build a life that was more balanced with a wider scope of interest than just the company and job. As such, Bob negotiated an exit package from his company, and his company chose SC&C to handle his outplacement.

Bob had been promoted nicely during his 13 years with XXXX and, previously, he had been recruited to most positions preceding his engagements there. Throughout Read More

Mary K. – $250K Base, $100K Signing Bonus, $200K Exit Bonus From Former Company, $500K Performance Bonus for previous year – Only 36 day Search

Here is a note from Bill Temple, Mary’s Campaign Director. Mary came to us as part of an outplacement package arranged with her current employer. Before she ever started with us, she was in discussions with XXXX for the President position of two different divisions.  Our approach in this instance was to work backwards and determine which offer provided the best opportunity in the short term, while completing the process to ensure that she would be ready for her next move, whether internal or external.

As she discussed these options with Bill, one key condition became clear: one of the positions would require her to start almost immediately.  The other offer would allow her to start at a later … Read More

Mike S. – $135K base – 25% Bonus – $15K More Than Last Job

A note from his SC&C Campaign Director, Jo Ann Moser. Happy Friday to all- and great news for my client Mike Sullivan. Mike has accepted the role of VP of Business Development for North America with XXXX, and will begin on Monday when he flies to Chicago to meet his team and in the month to the corporate home office. He will be in charge of all sales for the “Big Box” stores throughout North America.

Mike’s salary will be $135K with a 25% bonus (40% based on corporate performance- and 60% on individual performance), will receive 4 weeks’ vacation, United Healthcare medical insurance, and 401-K.

He is thrilled- as is his wife who is pleased since they do not … Read More

Karen B. – $189k Gain – “coaching on salary questions – priceless”

This year’s compensation will be 114% higher than last year’s compensation which represents an INCREASE of $189k Year-Over-Year compensation gain.

I’m excited to announce that after only two months with SC&C, Karen has “landed” by making a decision to stay with her current employer, having had multiple interviews with other companies and receiving an offer from one of them.

She was employed as VP at an energy company whose owners were going through some personal challenges, making her question both her growth potential and the long-term viability of the company. In addition to overseeing finance, she also managed MIS, HR and Legal. Her challenge was that she had been in the same job for 9 years, wasn’t sure how … Read More

Sarah B. – $300K Base – Three Bonus Plans – $300K Stock – Work From Home

Here is a note from Barbara Limmer, Executive PlacementSarah’s SC&C Campaign Director. “Sarah is a delightful client who just called me to relate her story. She has accepted a fabulous position for XXXX.  Sarah came to us as an experienced VP of Retail/Stores for companies that were leaders in their category. She came across as highly confident, even though her last employment situation ended due to sensitive political issues. Deep down she knew she needed guidance and support in how to best sell herself in interviews and how to answer difficult interview questions.

She also wanted to stay in her current state, but she also realized that the level she was targeting would likely require her to work at … Read More

Jim H. – CFO – $200k Base + Full Package + 25 Days PTO

I’m pleased to announce that Jim has accepted and started his new position as CFO with XXXX, a large privately held non-profit. He is extremely excited about this position, as it positions him, not only the CFO title which he hadn’t previously held, but also additional responsibilities including leadership in both IT and all of Accounting.

Jim came to us through with a background in investments, transportation, and the non-profit and investment consulting industries. His challenge was in presenting himself well in interviews, especially because his exit from his last company was not very pleasant. He also had “blemish” from his recent past on his credit report, so he was concerned about whether that would pose an obstacle in … Read More

Dan A – $80,000 – 5 Wk Vacation –200% Less Commute Time – 90 day Promotion Review

Dan has accepted a role as Materials Manager with XXXX.  This company was recently purchased by much larger company. His new position is in his home town. His beginning annual salary is $80,000.  He is still deciding on whether to take the company’s insurance plan or stay on his wife’s plan. We helped him negotiate to put in a caveat that the company would raise his salary the appropriate amount that the insurance would have cost the company had he accepted it.  He also negotiated 5 weeks of annual vacation.
The salary was a bit lower than we hoped but we encouraged him to negotiate a 90-day review at which time a raise is possible as is a change to … Read More

Beverly P – $125K – “I Thought I Could Do It By Myself…I Will Be Forever Grateful…”

Here is a note from our client.  “After 20+ years working in Direct to Consumer businesses, my position was eliminated and I found myself looking for a job for the first time in 20+ years. I thought I could figure out how to do that by myself and was personally embarrassed to find myself in this position, so felt uncomfortable staying in touch with other peers still employed.

After more than 6 months of going it alone, I came across Stewart, Cooper & Coon after a direct reach out from a remarkable person, Oliver Cornell. Mr. Cornell was instrumental in gaining my trust in working with an organization such as Stewart, Cooper & Coon and provided some positive affirmation as … Read More

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