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Executive Decisions

There are 212 case studies in this section. These describe the issues our clients faced as they approached their job search and how we helped them with securing new positions and negotiate better packages. At the beginning of many stories, you will see a video or audio symbol. Click on that and listen to or watch the client speak about their Stewart, Cooper & Coon search experience.

Female Venture Capitalists: Understanding and Expanding the Current Climate

According to the US Small Business Administration, over 36 percent of all businesses in the United States are majority-owned by female entrepreneurs.

No one with any credibility will pretend there are not still significant challenges for professionally minded and career-dedicated women in today’s business world, but facts and figures like those above are, in a word, heartening. To be able to step back and see the phenomenal impact that women are having in the business world should be an encouragement to every young woman coming into her own and setting her sights on the corporate sphere.

Female Entrepreneurs - 2 Professional Woman at meeting

When talking about Venture Capital (VC), however, the panorama seems to shift. Considering the fact that the total number of women VCs declined by … Read More

8 Tips for Preparing a Successful Yearly Business Review

Business owners are typically quite adept at forecasting the future needs of their companies. In fact, for entrepreneurs, planning ahead is an indispensable skill. Yet, by the same token, looking forward in a practical way is often next to impossible without accurately evaluating the past.

Yearly Business Review Advice - Chalkboard cloud with lightbulb

Of course, each year presents its set of highs and lows; and it’s just as important to celebrate an achievement as it is to assess and learn from a flawed decision. Simply stated, in order to create a working plan for the upcoming year, it’s imperative for business owners to take stock of the past one. Small-business adviser to entrepreneurs across the globe and contributor to Inc.com, Marla Tabaka, shares some valuable guidelines … Read More

Advice for Identifying and Managing Various Types of Employees

Objectivity is the token banner held high for business pursuits; and to an extent, rightly so. Objectivity in analyzing pros and cons is an indispensable attribute for any accomplished executive or manager. Working with people (and working with them well) is inherent toward keeping things running both smoothly and productively. Yet, it is the precise juncture between the objective and the subjective where the clash can so often occur.

Objectively, you know what you need to make happen; although it’s the subjective knowledge that is necessary to actually bring a team to a functional and cohesive pinnacle.


People are as varied as fish in the ocean, and it has been the subject and study of countless efforts throughout … Read More

The Right Way to Earn Respect as a Business Leader

If you are a business leader entering a brand new situation or work environment, you will likely be better received if you have a positive reputation to precede you.  Yet, in order to be highly esteemed by your staff and colleagues along the way, remember that respect is a two-way street; in other words, you must give in order to receive.


Although prior knowledge of your penchant for fairness and ethics is important to the continuation of your career, it’s not the whole story. The next chapter requires you to live up to your status and not disappoint, keeping in mind that respect isn’t something you earn just once, but must maintain by continuing to act with the same integrity … Read More

Qualities Shared By Successful Teams According to Google™

For those unfamiliar, Project Aristotle was a recent research initiative launched by Google with the purpose of understanding why certain working groups flourish and others do not quite make the grade.

Leading the endeavor, was Google’s Director of People Analytics (HR), Abeer Dubey, who was quite motivated to discern the exact blend of backgrounds, traits, and skills exclusive to the most successful working teams. Dubey began by enlisting sociologists, organizational psychologists, researchers, engineers, and statisticians to find the missing pieces to this puzzle.


In two years’ time, and with the help of Google’s own People Analytics Manager, Julia Rozovsky, Project Aristotle had conducted upward of 200 interviews, examined 180 Google teams, including over 250 unique team traits. Yet unfortunately, no … Read More

How Do You Decide? Identifying Your Decision-Making Style

Making decisions is part of the process of owning a business, but it is also the responsibility of every manager and supervisor all the way down the chain.  The task even falls to individual employees to streamline day to day operations.  Decision-making prevents paralysis, so no matter who you are, you still need to make the best decision possible based on the situation.

The smaller the company, the more important each decision is.  Hiring a single employee can make or break the company depending upon how they affect the chemistry of the staff.

Image of serious businessman signing contract at workplace

What is your style?

Back in 2013, Dan Lovallo and Olivier Sibony authored a study based on 5,000 survey responses from the McKinsey Quarterly and the Harvard Read More

8 Possible Signs Your Employee Is Planning To Quit Their Job

Research shows that, in 2015, 88 percent of U.S. employees reported overall satisfaction with their present job. At the time, this marked the highest level of satisfaction over the last decade.

Another report, however, states that the average employee tenure is eight years, and the average annual turnover rate is 19 percent. Despite statistical discrepancies, employers still must do everything in their power to remain on the positive side of this equation.

Employment agreement

What are some of the main reasons for employee turnover?

  • Employees are overworked.  Almost 70 percent of employees feel they have too much work to do. Today’s employees understand the importance of work/life balance. This is especially true for companies that downsize. Employees are laid off and
Read More

Leadership Advice: Five Practices To Avoid

Even the most successful and highly qualified leaders in business know that attaining ultimate perfection within your role is highly difficult, simply due the pure unpredictability of the position. Though most still strive – as they should — there are still certain reminders that would benefit corporate leaders of all levels and industries.

Executive coach, columnist, and founder/ principal of Leadership From the Core, Marcel Schwantes, provided some valuable advice via Inc.com which we would like to share with our readers. The following may even serve as a proverbial “litmus test” as to whether an individual is properly suited toward a leadership role.

senior businessman with his team at office. business people group

1.  Not being completely tuned into the conversation

With communications skills being among the top requirements … Read More

Mindfulness at Work: Ensuring Attentiveness in Employees

Mindfulness is simply a profound awareness of one’s thoughts, feelings, and surroundings. It involves accepting these thoughts and feelings without second-guessing or believing that your internal responses are incongruous with a particular situation.

Why is mindfulness important in the workplace?

Through the years, many studies have indicated that one of the most significant sources of tension for American adults is workplace stress. Unfortunately, as a result, the rate of heart attacks, hypertension, and other disorders have increased.

Stack of documents on the desk and male employee working on background

Yet, being mindful can actually enable a person to make better life decisions, leading a higher quality of life in general.

Jon Kabat-Zinn, Ph. D., is the founding Executive Director of the Center for Mindfulness in Medicine, Health Care, and Society … Read More

Creating a Socially Responsible Business

Our current era requires more than just fiscal achievement for a company to be considered truly successful.  Organizations who accomplish the most are also making an impact in areas outside of their budget; they are working toward the betterment of society as a whole. In fact, studies have concluded that companies who pursue one or more worthy cause also have greater level of customer loyalty, brand insight, as well as more effectual marketing, employee recruitment and engagement.

environment concept with keywords written on colorful note papers (bulletin board)

Why must business leaders take social responsibility into consideration when planning their business strategies?

Within the last five years, public expectations have grown considerably.  Forbes recently reported that 32 percent of workers would contemplate leaving their place of employment if the company gave … Read More

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