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General executive advice

There are 212 case studies in this section. These describe the issues our clients faced as they approached their job search and how we helped them with securing new positions and negotiate better packages. At the beginning of many stories, you will see a video or audio symbol. Click on that and listen to or watch the client speak about their Stewart, Cooper & Coon search experience.

Essential Lessons for New Business Leaders

Most new business leaders possess a general concept of how they plan to lead in a particular situation. However, as conditions evolve and new circumstances develop, many aspiring leaders discover that their plans don’t necessarily match their reality.

According to leadership team coach and author of “Navigating Chaos: How to Find Certainty in Uncertain Situations”, Jeff Boss, a large part of the leadership challenges evident in today’s professional landscape stem from the tendency to overanalyze what could happen, rather than addressing present issues. As Boss points out, the future is uncertain; therefore, if business leaders base their strategies solely on possibilities, they are not technically leading, but simply planning for contingency.

Leadership Lessons - Business Man_Sky Background

This certainly doesn’t mean that … Read More

Top 7 Employer Tips for Preventing Employee Lawsuits

Staying on top of today’s competitive business landscape requires your constant attention and action. But when an employee files a lawsuit it can derail even the most meticulous business model. Even if you win the suit, it may cost you thousands of dollars in the process and deflect your attention away from pressing business matters.

Employment Law - Documents Signature

Fortunately, there are steps you can take to prevent this unfortunate happenstance. Culled from years of defending employers in disputes like these, labor employment attorney Adam Gates, shares seven proactive tips to help prevent employee lawsuits:

1.  Create an easy and transparent complaint-reporting procedure.

You simply can’t fix a problem if you don’t know about it. If employees have clear and easy options in … Read More

Gaining Recognition in the World of Thought Leadership

In a world where the minimum standard is average and you either shape in or ship out, the current desire to be exceptional and to lead the pack couldn’t be greater. The entrepreneurial fever has caught up with almost every starry-eyed youth armed with a degree, and so enterprises are springing up every sunrise even as some are liquidating at sunset. Thought leadership is like the Biblical “grace” where you exist in a realm others crave to receive mentorship from, where after all the barren efforts of finding lasting solutions to steep difficulties in a particular field, the burden-laden individual finds terrific answers at your feet.

Thought Leadership - outline of person_books

To ensure we all resonate at the same frequency, let’s define this:

Who, exactly, … Read More

Essential Marketing Tactics to Help Connect with Customers

Using a single channel of communication with your clients has a moderate value; let us imagine that it creates a one-in-ten response rate.  Adding a second method of contact or communication increases it (according to various sources) by between 20 and 60 percent (improving from 10 percent to as much as 12-16 percent); adding yet another method does something rather remarkable. Specifically, it raises it by between 60-125 percent, resulting in a 16-22½ percent response rate.

Essential Marketing Tips - Tablet showing online marketing strategies

Why this spectacularly large jump?  The fact of the matter is that you are keeping your name (or that of your company) in your customers’ minds, and (if you’re not, you should be) providing them with a useful service, or information, at no cost.  … Read More

Relief for Workaholics

Work, as a cultural dynamic, has something of an interesting place in American society. Throughout the latter half of the previous century, ‘work’ was the subliminal metric by which we measured ourselves and others in terms of utility, worth, even social status. To this day, we often hear proud exclamations in the realm of:  “I put in 60 hours this week alone!” While a strong work ethic is commendable, there is nothing glamorous about working yourself down to the bone, putting your mental and emotional well-being at risk, and burning out. And that is precisely what happens to those who cannot find a healthy balance between work and life:  burnout.

Workaholics - man at desk writing

So then, how do we isolate the … Read More

Three Ways to Creatively Boost Your PR Strategy

If you have found yourself aimlessly searching for new ideas to enhance your public relations tactics, it may be time to view your approach from an entirely new angle. Whether seeking to advance your own personal brand or that of your organization, it’s always important to remain fresh and innovative in your PR plans.

PR Strategies - Businesswoman with laptop_arrows

The key to truly successful public relations is to remain open to inspiration without being afraid to think “outside of the box”.  Here, we explore the advice of PR and social media expert Catriona Pallard, who stresses the importance of creativity when devising your own PR routine.

1.  Embrace the visual.

The power of visualization is indisputable. In fact, recent research has even suggested that … Read More

Jeff Bezos’s 5 Unconventional Tips for Successful Leadership

Who is Jeff Bezos?

While most are familiar with his name, those who aren’t should certainly be well-acquainted with the world’s top grossing internet retailer, Amazon.com, of which he is both founder and CEO. In 2015, Amazon even exceeded Walmart as the largest overall retailer in the U.S. In its earliest form, Amazon.com was an online book merchant which steadily branched out into a much wider array of products and services, most recently including audio and video streaming.

While American retail and technology entrepreneur Jeffery Bezos is best known as the founder, chairman, and CEO of Amazon, he is also a noted investor, computer scientist, electrical engineer and philanthropist. Bezos certainly possesses a broad range of business interests, … Read More

A Guide for Managing Customer Complaints

While good organizations do their best to keep their clientele happy at all times, even the most highly regarded companies are bound to experience a customer complaint every once in a while. Therefore, it’s important for all businesses to know how to prepare for a negative customer reaction, should the situation arise.

The manner in which companies handle criticism directly affects the survival of your business. In fact, teaching your employees how to properly deal with an unhappy client should be of paramount value in your organization.

Managing Customer Reviews - survey graphic

Here, we discuss some guidelines to help businesses effectively and gracefully handle an unsatisfied customer.

Dealing With General Customer Complaints

1.  Pay attention

According to Matthew Swyers, business writer and founder of the … Read More

8 Tips for Preparing a Successful Yearly Business Review

Business owners are typically quite adept at forecasting the future needs of their companies. In fact, for entrepreneurs, planning ahead is an indispensable skill. Yet, by the same token, looking forward in a practical way is often next to impossible without accurately evaluating the past.

Yearly Business Review Advice - Chalkboard cloud with lightbulb

Of course, each year presents its set of highs and lows; and it’s just as important to celebrate an achievement as it is to assess and learn from a flawed decision. Simply stated, in order to create a working plan for the upcoming year, it’s imperative for business owners to take stock of the past one. Small-business adviser to entrepreneurs across the globe and contributor to Inc.com, Marla Tabaka, shares some valuable guidelines … Read More

Advice for Identifying and Managing Various Types of Employees

Objectivity is the token banner held high for business pursuits; and to an extent, rightly so. Objectivity in analyzing pros and cons is an indispensable attribute for any accomplished executive or manager. Working with people (and working with them well) is inherent toward keeping things running both smoothly and productively. Yet, it is the precise juncture between the objective and the subjective where the clash can so often occur.

Objectively, you know what you need to make happen; although it’s the subjective knowledge that is necessary to actually bring a team to a functional and cohesive pinnacle.


People are as varied as fish in the ocean, and it has been the subject and study of countless efforts throughout … Read More

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