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There are 212 case studies in this section. These describe the issues our clients faced as they approached their job search and how we helped them with securing new positions and negotiate better packages. At the beginning of many stories, you will see a video or audio symbol. Click on that and listen to or watch the client speak about their Stewart, Cooper & Coon search experience.

Military to Corporate Leadership: Maintaining Equilibrium During the Transition

Military leaders who are transitioning into the private sector often find themselves facing a very specific set of challenges. Among the more prevalent involve reconvening with a society increasingly detached from the military ethos, as well as finding one’s niche within a civilian corporate culture.

Military Networking - Soldier and Civilain Shaking hands

It is commonplace for today’s companies to offer senior managers and executives the benefit of individualized outplacement services. However, when taking into account the precise needs of senior military decision-makers, transitioning services must be presented in a meaningful success-driven way.

A well-formulated senior-level transition agenda should allow transitioning military leaders the ability to concentrate on the important core issues. An effective program, such as that offered by the team at Stewart Cooper & Coon, … Read More

Essential Lessons for New Business Leaders

Most new business leaders possess a general concept of how they plan to lead in a particular situation. However, as conditions evolve and new circumstances develop, many aspiring leaders discover that their plans don’t necessarily match their reality.

According to leadership team coach and author of “Navigating Chaos: How to Find Certainty in Uncertain Situations”, Jeff Boss, a large part of the leadership challenges evident in today’s professional landscape stem from the tendency to overanalyze what could happen, rather than addressing present issues. As Boss points out, the future is uncertain; therefore, if business leaders base their strategies solely on possibilities, they are not technically leading, but simply planning for contingency.

Leadership Lessons - Business Man_Sky Background

This certainly doesn’t mean that … Read More

Experts Explore Core Challenges of the Military to Civilian Transition: Part II – Translation

Welcome to part-two of our series, where we will be exploring three primary aspects that often present the most serious stumbling blocks to service members transferring into the civilian sector.

For this, we’ll be drawing upon the expertise of six professionals, some of whom are former officers and enlisted, who have forged success out of these challenges. We have found a great deal of commonality in the experience of former military members. This is one experience that, while still very unique to you in its expression, nevertheless has a considerable amount of overlap with others who have gone through the experience. It is in this way, by bringing these facets to light, that we hope to provide something of service … Read More

Top 7 Employer Tips for Preventing Employee Lawsuits

Staying on top of today’s competitive business landscape requires your constant attention and action. But when an employee files a lawsuit it can derail even the most meticulous business model. Even if you win the suit, it may cost you thousands of dollars in the process and deflect your attention away from pressing business matters.

Employment Law - Documents Signature

Fortunately, there are steps you can take to prevent this unfortunate happenstance. Culled from years of defending employers in disputes like these, labor employment attorney Adam Gates, shares seven proactive tips to help prevent employee lawsuits:

1.  Create an easy and transparent complaint-reporting procedure.

You simply can’t fix a problem if you don’t know about it. If employees have clear and easy options in … Read More

Experts Explore Core Challenges of the Military to Civilian Transition: Part I – Culture Shock

The fundamental equation of the modern workforce is a balance between marketable skills and given levels of competition for the field in question. Even those who have spent the entirety of their career in the private sector can find significant challenges in bridging this gap.

This series will be exploring three primary things that can present the most serious stumbling blocks to service members transferring into the civilian sector. For this, we’ll be drawing on the expertise of six professionals, some of whom are former officers and enlisted, who have forged success out of these challenges. We have found a great deal of commonality in the experience of former military members.


This is one experience that, while still very unique … Read More

Gaining Recognition in the World of Thought Leadership

In a world where the minimum standard is average and you either shape in or ship out, the current desire to be exceptional and to lead the pack couldn’t be greater. The entrepreneurial fever has caught up with almost every starry-eyed youth armed with a degree, and so enterprises are springing up every sunrise even as some are liquidating at sunset. Thought leadership is like the Biblical “grace” where you exist in a realm others crave to receive mentorship from, where after all the barren efforts of finding lasting solutions to steep difficulties in a particular field, the burden-laden individual finds terrific answers at your feet.

Thought Leadership - outline of person_books

To ensure we all resonate at the same frequency, let’s define this:

Who, exactly, … Read More

Frequent Career Development Concerns Still Encountered By Women

Women in the workforce have made some incredibly significant advancements over the last decade, but career development concerns are still a very serious issue for many. While the infamy of that traditional stumbling block to advancement, known by many as the “glass ceiling”, has shifted considerably, many women find it still firmly in place in their efforts to move from middle to upper management. The core causes for this phenomenon are multifaceted—some women face an entrenched gender bias in corporate culture, while others may lack the required educational achievements or training. Whatever the source, the “glass ceiling” is still very much alive and functional.

Women in Careers

Family Issues

Per the findings of the Denver Women’s Commission, while most women … Read More

Family-Focused Benefits: Employer’s Role in Financial Literacy

Family-centered benefits play a major role in the lives of an employee’s children. Health insurance, paid maternity/paternity leave, and FMLA all receive – and deserve – a great deal of limelight, but there is one area that also stands to make a highly significant and lifelong contribution, and that is financial education.

Financial Literacy - Calculator, Chart, Pen

In today’s competitive job market, candidates are focused on perks beyond just title and salary. Employers who offer creative benefits are doing so in an effort to retain top talent, as family benefits are becoming a way for employees to ascertain whether a company supports and values the family dynamic.

Along with the more common family-related benefits that are offered, financial education for children could make the … Read More

Navigating the Tech Industry: Tools for Employers and Job Seekers

Earlier in the year, Decide Consulting made its 2018 IT Salary survey available for download to the public. Decide combined the results of their survey with job board data which was then cross-referenced with data from the Department of Labor / US Bureau of Labor Statistics. The top 15 percent, bottom 15 percent, as well as the middle ground of salaries were displayed.

Tech Industry Tools - Businessman pointing to tech graphics

One aspect which was made clear is that IT workers should always remain cognizant of their technological skill level and how it coincides with their future interests. Determining whether your company values these skills, offers training, or provides a suitable environment for reaching these goals is critical. Additionally, IT employers should pay close attention to the value … Read More

Female Venture Capitalists: Understanding and Expanding the Current Climate

According to the US Small Business Administration, over 36 percent of all businesses in the United States are majority-owned by female entrepreneurs.

No one with any credibility will pretend there are not still significant challenges for professionally minded and career-dedicated women in today’s business world, but facts and figures like those above are, in a word, heartening. To be able to step back and see the phenomenal impact that women are having in the business world should be an encouragement to every young woman coming into her own and setting her sights on the corporate sphere.

Female Entrepreneurs - 2 Professional Woman at meeting

When talking about Venture Capital (VC), however, the panorama seems to shift. Considering the fact that the total number of women VCs declined by … Read More

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