SC&C Career WebFolio©

Stand Out and Get Hired with an SC&C Career WebFolio©

Let’s face it: in today’s marketplace, having just a LinkedIn© profile and a resume won’t cut it. The SC&C Career WebFolio© is an innovative and unique branding platform allowing you to stand out and rise above your competition.

Your favorite products and companies all have a compelling brand. Your brand must generate the same desire from the hiring authority. SC&C clients are selected because they are quickly recognized for their unique and value-add brand.

With a personal website and social media presence that positions you as #1 in employers’ eyes, you’ll quickly go from diamond in the rough, hidden behind younger or less experienced job seekers, to someone your dream company must interview and hire now!

Companies tell us that the Stewart, Cooper & Coon Career WebFolio© is a one of the key reasons why they selected our clients for interviews from among dozens of applicants. Our clients tell us that after they received an offer, their Career WebFolio© was critical in helping the employer quickly visualize their potential as a value-add contributor to their company.

The SC&C Career WebFolio© positions your product to:

  • Tell employers immediately who you are and why they should hire you
  • Position your expertise and skillsets to reflect what companies want
  • Helps position you to receive better offers
  • Is a powerful platform during the negotiation process
  • Provides employers a way to see how your value contributes to their goals
  • Increases likelihood of multiple interviews

Click and view the examples shown below.

But, before you do, ask yourself this question–How competitive is my brand right now? You might also ask yourself this question–When I look at my current brand, as compared to the WebFolios© and resumes contained in them, would I secure the interview if I was competing against an SC&C client who was using their Career WebFolio© as part of their brand?

Michele Purcey

Government – Human Resources – VP

Lester Wallace

SR. Operations & Technology Integration Executive

Jessica Peters

Retail Service – President/CEO

Jeff Morris

Operations Management – COO

Ken Graceland

IT – Senior Enterprise Sales Executive

Lisa Jofino

Financial – Marketing – VP

Brian Post

Director of Sales, Domestic-International

Darlene Conover

Aerospace – Supply Chain Director

Steven Barnes

Manufacturing – VP Sales & Marketing

Your value-add proposition will drive your chances for multiple interviews and meaningful offers. How strong is your value-add proposition?