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Military Resources

“Do you have questions or concerns about the financial aspects of your transition from military service to the private sector?   As a recently retired Army officer I have marched in your boots and know that this next chapter of life can be both exciting and scary at the same time.   Call or email me so we can discuss your financial concerns.  My services are free and confidential.”

Cliff Hoppman, AFC – Lieutenant Colonel, US Army (ret)
Accredited Financial Counselor
520-458-9309 | choppman@afsc.com

Addiction Counselor – https://addiction-counselor.org/steps-to-become – Learn how to break into this career

Amethyst – https://www.amethystrecovery.org/veterans-comprehensive-guide-to-drug-abuse/ – Veteran’s Comprehensive Guide to Drug Abuse

Business Loans – https://www.moneygeek.com/business-loans/small-business/veterans/ – Small Business Loans for Veterans

The Clunker Junker recently published a Veteran’s Guide to Driving and Transportation, which is a conversation often given less attention as veterans are leaving their time in service. The guide includes ways to obtain a vehicle without the financial burden, many public transportation discounts, and ways to work in the industry.

CorporateGray.comhttp://www.corporategray.com/ – Serving the veterans community by providing resources, job fairs and career-transition education books and services, as well as promoting veterans as employees to employers

Depot to Depot

Drug Rehab Connections is not a specific treatment facility, instead we are an informational website that connects addicts and their families with the help they need to put their lives together.

Entertainment Discounts – https://seatup.com/blog/guide-to-entertainment-discounts-for-veterans-active-military/

Entering the Workforce as a Veteran with a Disability: Top careers, Resources, & Expert Advice – https://www.learnhowtobecome.org/career-resource-center/careers-and-resources-for-veterans-with-disabilities/

Financial Aid – https://www.moneygeek.com/education/college/resources/financial-aid-guide-for-veterans/ – Student Financial Aid Guide For Veterans

GIJobs.comhttp://www.gijobs.com/ – A guide to post-military success, which includes sections on everything from education and resumes to wardrobes and body language.

Help.org – a guide that provides comprehensive information on substance abuse statistics among veterans, governmental programs that offers treatment, and steps that veterans can take to get the help that they need.

HireAHero.orghttp://www.hireahero.org/ – Social networking for veterans to network with employers, recruiters, volunteers and mentors to assist in their job search.

Job Hunting –  https://www.moneygeek.com/careers/resources/veterans-job-search-guide/ – From Camo to Business Casual

Kratom Blog – https://kratomgeek.com/a-guide-to-complementary-and-alternative-medicine-for-managing-ptsd/ – Guide to Complementary & Alternative Medicine for Managing PTSD

Life Insurance – https://www.moneygeek.com/insurance/life/resources/military-servicemembers-veterans/ – Military Life Insurance

Linked-Vets – focuses purely on connecting transitioning service members, veterans, and military spouses, with employers who value their skills, talents, and vast experience.

Mesothelioma + Asbestos Awareness Center – With 1/3 of mesothelioma patients being veterans, the MAA Center is an educational and support resource where you can find information related to mesothelioma diagnosis, treatments, doctors/clinics, and additional help.

Military Mental Health Disorders Post Deployment For Providers, Combat Veterans & Their Families – the overall objective of the group is to openly discuss issues in military mental health care that will lead to improved quality care to our service members.

Military Network – Mission is to actively network & introduce participants with one another, with professional & social peers, associates, with professional mental / physical / social specialists and with opportunities available to them toward realizing their dreams.

Military to Civilian Transition –  Provides a step-by-step guide on transitioning from military to civilian workforce.

Military Veterans Looking for Jobs – military veterans who are looking for new opportunities to post information about the type of positions they are seeking. Please be descriptive (location desired, marketable skills, etc.).

Military.com  – This subsidiary of Monster provides a variety of military-related content, including a “buddy finder” and information about VA loans.

Military-Civilian: Hot Jobs and Careers for Veterans and Their Families -personalized networking service dedicated to assisting military veterans and their families with their transition back into the civilian workforce. Our strategy is twofold: we offer companies and employers seeking to fill their open positions the opportunity to tap this network of qualified candidates; at the same time, we assist individuals seeking employment in finding job opportunities that best match their backgrounds and experience.

Military-Discount.com: For Veterans, Active Duty and Military Families – provides special sales, deals, and support to Military families, veterans, and active duty and reserve personnel who are serving in the United States Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard. This is a social site to network business opportunities.

MOAA.org – Military Officers Association of America, serving active, former and retired military officers. Provides networking opportunities and other transition services.

Mortgage – VA Loans: https://www.moneygeek.com/mortgage/va-home-loan/
A Guide to Housing Benefits for Veterans: https://www.moneygeek.com/mortgage/resources/veterans-benefits-for-housing-guide/

ONET Skills Translator – Translate military occupational codes to civilian skills.

OrionInIternational.com — nation’s leading Military Talent firm, specializing in the creation of best-in-class programs which allow organizations to attract, hire, develop and retain high quality Military Talent.

Palmer Lake Recovery – Guidance on substance abuse and addiction for veterans and families of veterans –

Project Transition USA – a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to helping transitioning military veterans & their dependents find meaningful and rewarding civilian careers!

Recovery.org – provide pertinent information related to A Guide to Addiction and Recovery for Veterans. Find Addiction Recovery Centers and Resources in the Phoenix, AZ area.

RecruitMilitary.com — Recruit Military helps organizations excel by attracting, appreciating and retaining America’s best talent, its veterans.


Scams – https://www.moneygeek.com/financial-planning/resources/servicemember-guide-to-military-scams/ – The Service member’s Guide to Financial Scams

ScottsdaleRecovery.com, a premier resource for anyone that is going through addiction and recovery.

SeniorMilitaryinTransition.com – Blog and website with posts and resources to help Senior Military leaders transition to the private sector.

Silent Professionals – Private Security Job Market – Our small, experienced team has direct pipelines to a wide range of jobs available within the defense and private security industry as well as unique corporate security job opportunities. We also frequently have jobs that pop up for immediate fill all around the world.

Ultimate 2018 Military Discount Guide published guide to military travel discounts. We created a simple, useful resource that includes updated travel discounts in categories such as airlines, hotels, rental cars, and recreation. Our entire guide can also be downloaded as a printable PDF for ease and accessibility.

Substance Use Disorders and PTSD in Veterans – https://www.advancedrecoverysystems.com/resources/veterans/

TAOnline.com – Transition Assistance Online offers transition assistance information and tools to help veterans and service members find civilian employment.

Taxes –  https://www.moneygeek.com/financial-planning/resources/guide-to-veterans-taxes/ –  Tax Guide for Military Members & Veterans:

The Military Wallet – a personal finance website for military members, veterans and their families. Our goal is to help the military community better manage money and understand the variety of programs and benefits available to them.

Understanding a Veteran with PTSD – Servicemen and women oftentimes face unique challenges when leaving active duty and readjusting to civilian life.

U.S. Veteran – Jobs –  Created to focus on veteran employment. The unemployment rate for vets is over 22%.

US Military Veterans Network – exclusive, all volunteer force of US Military Veterans. If you have served in one of the US Military branches, enlisted or officer, you are welcome to join (please include veteran experience in profile). We are interested in serving the needs of veterans in Life, Politics and Business.

USAJobs.gov – Run by the government, this jobs and information board welcomes all veterans, including those with disabilities, and provides them with assistance in their job search and help navigating the deluge of paperwork that comes with the transition out of the military.

Veterans & Addiction: Military Substance Abuse & Treatment

Veterans Addiction

Veterans Care Guide

Veterans’ Guide to Getting Hired

Veterans – PTSD

Veterans Coding – Learn to Code

Veteran Job Board – In partnership with Monster.com, veterans, active duty, guard and reserve can search for thousands of jobs for veterans from employers who value military experience. Plus a special section for security clearance jobs.

Veteran Mentor Network – help Military Service members and Veterans establish and achieve career and life goals.

Veterans.linkedin.com/ — Free and paid online courses to help veterans translate military service to civilian life and provide classes on a variety of business and design courses.

Veterans2Work — forum for all who want to promote the employability and career success of U.S. military veterans.

WikiBuy – The 145+ Best Military and Veteran Discounts in 2019

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