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Brian R– Introducing New Product to U.S. – 2.5 Mos. In Search

Brian has accepted the position of Territory Manager at XXXX. This is an exciting position for Brian and falls dead center in his experience and career interest sweet spot. The company is a newer name in North America, although in Europe, they have the #1 position in their industry niche. They decided to go direct in North America by adding 4-5 sales reps. It has been a family-owned company for 160 years, and its expansion of US markets gives Brian a lot of upside potential.

Brian was approached for this position by a recruiter who is extremely well connected in the space and who had placed all the senior sales leadership for the company. After preparing for, then working through the initial conversations with the recruiter, Brian was invited in to meet with the Regional Manager and VP Sales. His use of SHARE stories, asking good questions and listening to them was all part of his getting this offer. It didn’t hurt that he was also interviewing with another company which gave him some additional perceived value.

Brian came to us as a referral from his brother.


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