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Bill F. – Search 43-Days – Industry Change – Took 10% Less For Better Fit

Here is a note from Bill Munson announcing the placement of his client. His client, Bill, selected SC&C because he had the daunting task of re-positioning himself in a market in which he had no current experience. Bill’s journey included building a strong document and marketing process, securing much-needed interview structuring and providing a professional offer evaluation and counter offer plan.

Bill was downsized from his former company where he was the Director of Global Client Services. With an interesting mix of having a great mind and being eclectic, he was open to new ideas and adapting his search thoughts and actions. By focusing his actions to be very aggressive, he demonstrated no fear from the beginning and secured quick re-employment.

Not only did he target multiple industries, but he was also able to develop an amazingly strong communication as to where his skills and abilities could be extrapolated and transferred. We developed a networking plan. The use of our strategies on Linked In and his SC&C FastTrak Resume became his go-to tactics. Utilizing his marketing coach’s tutelage, he was prepared to interview and succeed at every turn and was very appreciative of the Phoenix Interview Experience.

He managed three interview processes at the same time and as a consummate candidate he earned two offers. He accepted the best personal fit by joining XXXX as their Director of Customer Service and Specialty Estimating.

Bill stated “The entire SC&C experience was exactly what I needed to secure a great job in only 43 days from signing my contract. My entire team was great!”  His total comp over his last job was about 10% lower, however, the job is closer, and a better fit, and has a very high upside. The second offer he turned down presented him with more money but it was not as good of a fit for him or his family.

Bill Munson


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