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BEER Coaching Model

BEER Coaching Model

by | Jan 29, 2015 |

Stephen called to share that every time he gave performance feedback to one of his employees, she started crying.   He had tried to keep a box of tissues in the room, stepped out to let her compose herself, and started the conversation with praise.  Nothing seemed to work.

Here are the tips I shared with Stephen for giving constructive feedback:

  • Give feedback in private
  • Open conversation by indicating this is a coaching conversation, to prepare the employee
    • We need to discuss . . . .
    • Recently I’ve noticed you struggle with . . .
    • It’s come to my attention that . . . .
  • Deal with one issue at a time, be specific, truthful and offer credible feedback
  • Give feedback immediately, use I statements – I observed. . . .
  • Make sure the employee is ready to receive the feedback
  • Motivate the employee to want to change their behavior to get different results – how does the change benefit them?
  • Treat them professionally with dignity and respect
  • Explain  your performance expectations
  • Give suggestions to improve performance
  • Don’t communicate in anger
  • Confirm understanding and allow time for the employee to ask questions

In honor of the craft breweries in Colorado, I developed the BEER Coaching Model which managers can use to successfully deliver performance feedback:

B = Behavior you observed, briefly describe it and be specific

Hear their story and allow them to explain their positive intentions

E = Explore Options for Improvement

Share how the change in behavior or performance benefits them

E = Engage employee in solution

What can we do so this doesn’t happen again?

How can I help you?

R = Results!  Or Review solution, Refocus behavior and Re-launch new performance

The BEER Coaching Model provides results in changing behavior and improving performance.  What additional tips do you have for improving your employee performance coaching conversations?

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