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Adam S. – $35K More Than Initial Offer – $200K base + $15K shares of stock

I’m pleased to announce that Adam has accepted the position of VP of Finance for XXXX, a leading maker of health supplements. He came to us in April after consultation with Oliver Cornell. His current employer was not getting the investment funding it needed to grow; consequently Adam’s growth there was also limited. He sought a position as VP or Director of Finance and preferred to stay in CA. His challenge was in learning to articulate his experience in a way that has value to employers rather than minimizing what he does as “just part of his job.”

We worked on defining his “product” through our worksheet system, then identifying his target audience, developing his packaging for maximum impact, and then executing his search through multiple channels. We also spent time on interview preparation and practice, ensuring he knew how to articulate his stories and sell his value.

Adam had a couple of phone interviews along the way. Then, he began Skype and on-site discussions with the CEO and Private Equity investors of XXXX. He was successful in these interviews, and using our tactics avoided the infamous “salary” question throughout the interview process.

He received an offer for VP of Finance, and was told it will lead to the CFO role in one year, as the company grows. This was the only company he interviewed with face-to-face, and he did so well he received an offer about a month after his initial discussions. With our assistance, he was also able to negotiate an offer increase of more than $35K above their initial offer. 

When asked what aspect of the SCC program was most helpful in his success, he said it was the process of developing his information for his resume and SC&C Webfolio which required him to really understand the benefit, impact and value he brought to his employers, which then allowed him to discuss in his interviews. It was a lot of work to complete the worksheets, but his efforts paid off in only 3 ½ months.

Thank you to Oliver for bringing him in as a client, to Mike Fox for your outstanding writing of his documents, and to Shanti Brown for your consummate professionalism in his calling campaign. I know you all will join me in congratulating Adam.

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