Career Consultants

This team of experts work with you to determine your specific career and employment needs and how Stewart, Cooper & Coon may apply our considerable resources to meet these needs. Their other function is to present your candidacy to our coaching, recruiting, administrative, and candidate marketing teams who will be working on your candidacy.


Oliver P. Cornell

Managing Director

Oliver is one of the early adopters of the use of modern marketing techniques to effect the transition of highly successful executives and professionals from one position to another. He is one of the pioneers in the development of individual and corporate outplacement consulting practices that saw career transition as a marketing problem, a problem of positioning, packaging, promoting and pricing.

He began his career as a college teacher and became involved in publishing, eventually running a small publishing house in Chicago, Printer’s Row Press, publishing a weekly newspaper, pamphlets, journals and books, primarily in the political arena.

In early 1980 he began a new career in corporate and executive outplacement built upon the principles of modern marketing. Rising to the position of Executive Vice President he was one of the key associates to grow the company nationwide, personally working along the way helping to place hundreds of senior level managers and executives in new and exciting growth opportunities. In 1986 he formed his own executive placement and corporate outplacement firm and built the company to cover twenty-one major market areas in the West, successfully working with thousands of clients. He retired from the career industry in 2001.

In that same year, he turned his passion into a business and began managing investments.  He also helped found a company that was highly successful in raising money for schools, a project that continues to be important to Oliver to this day.

Realizing the absolute necessity of using the Internet and its enormous access to information to run a successful executive search he joined Stewart, Cooper & Coon coming back to the business of helping serious-minded executives find rewarding new jobs and careers.

Dennis Johnston

Senior Executive Career Consultant

Dennis brings over 30 years in the outplacement field to the team at SC&C. His outstanding results are derived from his ability to design, deliver and manage customized programs for a variety of candidates. Dennis has assisted a vast number of clients in the executive placement, corporate recruiting, and corporate outplacement sectors. His expertise is working with senior executives to identify both immediate needs and long-term goals, as well as crafting personalized strategies designed to maximize service delivery and client satisfaction.

Dennis is proud to be a member of this highly respected firm, delivering top-notch results through SC&C’s proven, high-quality strategies and comprehensive process. In his career, Dennis has assisted thousands of executives reach their full potential. He builds rapport and trust through thoughtful questions designed to uncover unique needs and goals. He has literally worked with over 90% of the Fortune 500 and has a full understanding of what it takes to reach the next level.

Dennis holds a Bachelor’s degree from Purdue University and an MBA from University of Pittsburgh. He takes great pride in his many clients that continue to remind and thank him for the important role he has played in their lives.

Josh Randall

Senior Executive Career Consultant

Josh was educated in Western Canada and earned a Fitness and Amateur Sports Scholarship to the University of Saskatchewan for athletics and academic achievement.  He was drafted by the Chicago Black Hawks at age 15 and remained with the Chicago organization for six years.

After this, he taught and coached five years at the high school and college level.  He then worked as a CSA (Canadian Ski Alliance) certified Ski Instructor at Sunshine Village, Banff, Alberta.  Having received his Tennis Instructor accreditation from Tennis America, Josh worked one-on-one with Dennis Van de Meer and Billy Jean King.

After being invited to Europe to coach Professional Hockey, Josh joined Hal Laycoe to coach the Dutch National team and was the Coach/Manager of the Dutch Junior National Team.  Licensed by the KNLTB, the Dutch Tennis Bond, he developed a new tennis instructional program based on range of motion and injury prevention. He also taught tennis at Tennispark Marlot, a club that he also managed.

Josh was then recruited by Adidas as the International Marketing/Promotions Director for Winter Sports and Racket Sports overseeing 88 countries where he reported directly to the owner of Adidas, Horst Dassler.  Josh developed and negotiated promotional contracts with Ilie Nastase, Stan Smith, Tom Okker, Raul Ramirez, Ivan Lendl and many other professionals. With Adidas, Josh became Player Agent for the Adidas-sponsored Russian and Czechoslovakian hockey players. He negotiated all contracts with Russian and Czech government officials for sponsorship and supply of equipment.

Josh then returned to North America and was recruited by Performance Dynamics International and worked for seven years in the Corporate Outplacement business. Over the last 30 years Josh has developed his career marketing expertise in United States and Canada and is now Senior Executive Placement Consultant with Stewart Cooper and Coon.


Tom Kelsay

Senior Executive Career Consultant

Tom held executive positions with national and international firms in both the profit & non-profit sectors of the economy representing six different industries. He served as the Marketing Director for three NYSE firms prior to functioning as the COO for one of them and President for several other firms. Tom served as the interim president for two acquisitions made by a NYSE firm.

He coordinated the listing of a firm on the NYSE and, as president and founder, took two firms public. His record of bringing about substantial increases in profits and share of market, the creative positioning of corporations, and directing successful acquisitions and turnarounds, have been reported by the Wall Street Journal and Smith Barney Reports. Tom has lectured on subjects ranging from direct response marketing to strategic planning for universities, the AMA, government agencies and served as an adjunct professor for a major university.

He has two creative works in the Library of Congress and letters of appreciation from Ford Motor Company, Kraft Foods, B.F. Goodrich, Nestles, Chase Bank, and dozens of other high profile firms. His executive expertise was applied to a variety of products and services in the electronic funds transfer industry, farm machinery, Home & Family Shopping Center, Executive Loans by Mail, and the introduction of the broad spectrum antibiotic Erythromycin into veterinary medicine.

Tom attended Simpson College and UCLA before earning his B.S.C. from the University of Iowa.  He also received AMA’s certificate for C-level executives, has an extensive musical background and is a veteran.

He has also worked in the non-profit sector and held the title of Executive Director for a Community Foundation. Particularly important to those with whom he consults is his experience as the President and Executive Director for two prominent firms that specialize in the understanding and advancement of human development, one being the Center for Applications of Psychological Type, internationally known for their work using the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator.

Prior to joining Stewart, Cooper & Coon, Tom worked with over 1500 people in helping them to attain their career goals. Tom sees himself as an educator and facilitator between at the point where individuals find themselves now, and the point where they want to be. It’s that ‘T’ in the road where Tom helps them gain a clear understanding of what tools and knowledge are available to them and how to apply that knowledge in order to make sound and critically important career decisions.

Dennis Johnston

Senior Executive Career Consultant

Rodney has been an executive in several diverse industries in his career. He has led start-ups and turn-around situations managing the operational side of those, as well as business development and marketing for both his own company and others.

Rodney was President / CEO of Riostar 11, a multi concept hospitality Firm located in Dallas Texas with several locations spread over many states. He worked closely with VC groups as well as solely responsible for raising millions of dollars through conventional financing..

In his career, Rodney has mentored hundreds of Professionals reach their Executive growth. He worked closely with companies like Banco Popular, Sysco, Chase Bank, Ninfa’s Corporation, FJC Growth Capital and Mesbic Ventures’ Holding Corporation.

Prior to joining SCC, Rodney spent over 8 years coordinating the delivery of solutions to help C-level and executive management in identifying appropriate positions. He is known among his peers and clients, as someone with high level of integrity and exceptional people skills.

Dan Belger

Senior Executive Career Consultant

Dan brings more than 25 years executive experience in a broad range of businesses from divisions of Boise Cascade, Union Pacific, Loomis, Valhi, Laidlaw and Allied Industries to smaller rapid growth ventures in the private sector including BNG Fuel Corporation. He has managed regional and national sales teams with a strong record of driving account growth, building revenue, and opening new markets with major successes in acquisitions, turnarounds, and mergers.

Building on his depth and expertise in business and industry, Dan has worked with hundreds of executive clients to assist them in advancing their career or making a transition to a new position. Dan earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting from the University of Denver.