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$190K Base ($10K Negotiated Increase) + $15K signing bonus + $20K Negotiated Equity Increase.

Here is a note from Barbara Limmer about her latest client placement. I wanted to let you know that Beth- Z has accepted the job of Director of Marketing & Business Development for a Medical Products company (XXXX) occupying the digital technology sector.

Beth wanted to stay in the health/med device/biotech/pharma world, without having to move from her home. She had several interviews but didn’t make it to offer stage. We knew her new SC&C resume was doing its job, because of how many inquiries she received. We then switched our to improving her interviewing skills and confidence, especially when it came to selling her value.

She applied to the job at XXXX, and spoke to them, but they felt she’d be better suited to another part of their company so they referred her there, and said that they really liked her and her personality. She continued having conversations, and ultimately was offered the position in their medical products vertical. She was confident in her approach to the negotiation, and held her ground, knowing the value she’d bring to them, including all her contacts in the medical industry. She is incredibly happy with this offer and will be working from her home until post-COVID-19 but will have a manageable commute after that.

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