• To identify your level of proficiency in a broad range of functional-transferable skill areas;
  • To identify your level of motivation to use these skills;
  • To identify skills you would find useful to develop or improve to make progress in your career;
  • To identify skills you wish to emphasize and minimize using in future work assignments;
  • To sketch a scenario of career satisfaction, building upon your motivated skills, and identify factors you will need to address in order to accomplish it; and
  • To apply learnings from the Motivated Skills Card Sort to your career directions


The Motivated Skills Card Sort Activity is a quick and easy way to identify the skills which are central to your career satisfaction and success. Your selections will involve assessing your proficiency (how effective you are) in various skills, then your motivation (the strength of your attraction) to use these skills.

Make your choices with care, using your experience and feedback as reference points on the level of your abilities, and trusting your instincts as you rank your motivation. Move quickly, following your first impression.

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