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There are 212 case studies in this section. These describe the issues our clients faced as they approached their job search and how we helped them with securing new positions and negotiate better packages. At the beginning of many stories, you will see a video or audio symbol. Click on that and listen to or watch the client speak about their Stewart, Cooper & Coon search experience.

John C.- Retired Military – $180K Salary – Sign $25K – $50K Relo -$4k Rent Allowance

House Hunting Trips for Spouse-Paid Closing Costs and Realtor Fees on Current Home. I am happy to report that John has accepted a role as a Senior Director for Business Development with XXXX. John was a bit reluctant at the start because he felt that as retired military he would have a struggle “de-militarizing” himself, and he worried that his best years were now behind him and that no one would recognize his value.

Here is his package:Base salary $180,000 – $50K for relocation expenses and he can pocket all of that since he has one more move left that “Uncle Sam” will be paying for as retired military.

Sign-on Bonus $25K.
Monthly Housing Subsidy $4,300… Read More

Bob D. – 6-Mo Search Time – $450K Base+ $250K Signing Bonus – $1.8MM Package Much Desired Family Time

Relocating seven times –  annual travel exceeding 40 weeks per year – Enough Said!  Bob was asked by his company, to move again for an opportunity to do more of the same within the same business unit.   He felt it was time to take more control over his career and his life, and try to build a life that was more balanced with a wider scope of interest than just the company and job. As such, Bob negotiated an exit package from his company, and his company chose SC&C to handle his outplacement.

Bob had been promoted nicely during his 13 years with XXXX and, previously, he had been recruited to most positions preceding his engagements there. Throughout Read More

Mary K. – $250K Base, $100K Signing Bonus, $200K Exit Bonus From Former Company, $500K Performance Bonus for previous year – Only 36 day Search

Here is a note from Bill Temple, Mary’s Campaign Director. Mary came to us as part of an outplacement package arranged with her current employer. Before she ever started with us, she was in discussions with XXXX for the President position of two different divisions.  Our approach in this instance was to work backwards and determine which offer provided the best opportunity in the short term, while completing the process to ensure that she would be ready for her next move, whether internal or external.

As she discussed these options with Bill, one key condition became clear: one of the positions would require her to start almost immediately.  The other offer would allow her to start at a later … Read More

Dennis M. – 90 Day Search – 100% Salary Increase – Out of Industry 4 Years

Here is a note from our client Dennis who shared his story about his struggle and his success in placement. “Hello Sylvia, I am writing to share with you the good news and good fortune I have had recently in the career search. 

I was extremely pleased at how well the resume turned out as well.  It is a very strong resume containing positive elements of past work history while showing future growth. Thank you to SC&C for my exemplary resume. It proved to be a winner.  

As you may recall, I interviewed with XXXX Industries in a first interview when they flew me to the eastern U.S. to sit with the Director of Operations of their main operating Read More

Karen B. – $189k Gain – “coaching on salary questions – priceless”

2015 compensation will be 114% higher than 2014 compensation which represents an INCREASE of $189k total compensation gain in 2015 over 2014.

I’m excited to announce that after only two months with SC&C, Karen has “landed” by making a decision to stay with her current employer, having had multiple interviews with other companies and receiving an offer from one of them.

She was employed as VP at an energy company whose owners were going through some personal challenges, making her question both her growth potential and the long-term viability of the company. In addition to overseeing finance, she also managed MIS, HR and Legal. Her challenge was that she had been in the same job for 9 years, wasn’t sure … Read More

Sarah B. – $300K Base – Three Bonus Plans – $300K Stock – Work From Home

Here is a note from Barbara Limmer, Executive PlacementSarah’s SC&C Campaign Director. “Sarah is a delightful client who just called me to relate her story. She has accepted a fabulous position for XXXX.  Sarah came to us as an experienced VP of Retail/Stores for companies that were leaders in their category. She came across as highly confident, even though her last employment situation ended due to sensitive political issues. Deep down she knew she needed guidance and support in how to best sell herself in interviews and how to answer difficult interview questions.

She also wanted to stay in her current state, but she also realized that the level she was targeting would likely require her to work at … Read More

Jim H. – CFO – $200k Base + Full Package + 25 Days PTO

I’m pleased to announce that Jim has accepted and started his new position as CFO with XXXX, a large privately held non-profit. He is extremely excited about this position, as it positions him, not only the CFO title which he hadn’t previously held, but also additional responsibilities including leadership in both IT and all of Accounting.

Jim came to us through with a background in investments, transportation, and the non-profit and investment consulting industries. His challenge was in presenting himself well in interviews, especially because his exit from his last company was not very pleasant. He also had “blemish” from his recent past on his credit report, so he was concerned about whether that would pose an obstacle in his … Read More

Mike C. – Hard-Working, Engaged Client – 3 Mo. Job Search

Mike had a 20+ year career in city administration and management. His most recent assignment ended when there was a change in elected City Commissioners who terminated his agreement, which is not uncommon in a political environment.

Mike connected with SC&C to explore gaining assistance in his sudden job search. While managing a city was something Mike would certainly consider, he was also interested in exploring opportunities in the private sector, representing an industry change, a challenging task for someone who had single industry experience in the previous two decades.

From the start of his engagement, Mike attacked the tasks required to initially gather the material needed to develop an impactful, value-driven set of marketing materials. After seeing an example … Read More

Rick K – Govt To Pvt Sector Transition – $65K More Than Original Offer

Rick came to SC&C to help himself transition out of a very senior SES position in the Federal Government, where he had been promoted multiple times over his a 20+ year career. He became eligible for retirement with full pension and decided to use his remaining career life to get into the commercial sector, even though he was being pursued by his agency for various important executive roles. The President of the United States offered him a position as head of one Federal Agency, however, Rick declined it. Although he enjoyed his work, he felt it beneficial to enter the private sector while he still had an age advantage.

Based on discussions with his Campaign Director, the logical shift … Read More

David F. – 6 Different Companies – Interview Whirlwind – $155K Base

A note from David’s SC&C Campaign Director. I am pleased to announce that David has accepted a position.  In the last two weeks, David interviewed for the role of General Manager of U.S. Operations for a global company headquartered overseas. During this time, he was interviewing with six different companies for senior-level positions.

Throughout his interview processes, David and I discussed all possible options. With SC&C, he had a constant sounding board to work through each situation.  Continually stressing that he should hold out for the best fit for him, I discussed with David what this entailed for each of the companies.

Ultimately, it all culminated in an interview whirlwind, David interviewed for the position Friday. They liked him so … Read More

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