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Our clients secure new positions quickly and they negotiate better packages, even during the recent recession. Below, you can read their stories and, in some cases, watch them in a video or listen to their conversations with us after they were placed. As you would expect, our client information is confidential and specific company names have been removed from the case studies.

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Ron G. – $300K and $25k bonus 2-Mo. Search

Ron came to us from our Connecticut Office. He had excellent credentials including an MBA from a top school, as well as very impressive quantitative achievements, but he knew nothing about behavioral interviewing. He is a very straight-shooter and direct communicator, and in hindsight he thought he may have gotten taken out of the running in previous interviews without even realizing why.

After completing his resume and SC&C WebFolio©, we spent a great deal of time on interview preparation and practice, culminating in his office visit which included one-on-one time with our senior behavioral interviewer as well as time spent on negotiation strategies and tactics.
Ron was very active in his networking and revised his LinkedIn™ profile based on our … Read More

Kari H. – $20K Sign On Bonus – $85K More Earnings Potential – Multiple Offers

Kari has accepted the position of National Sales and Marketing Director with XXXX.  In her new role, Kari will have a base salary of $130,000, an additional $20,000 bonus eligibility for MBO attainment, and sales commissions potential of $120,000.  She also negotiated a $20,000 sign-on bonus.  This package represents an increase of $85,000 more earning potential over her previous position.

 … Read More

Jon M. – Age 64 – No Relocation

It is my pleasure to announce that Jon has landed the CFO position for XXXX. Jon came to us as a 64 year old former CFO of a mid-size Healthcare organization. He had resigned due to differences with his former boss, the CEO and, as such, needed some specific coaching regarding his resignation and how he should communicate the situation in which he found himself.

Though looking outside of Healthcare was an option, his real passion was to stay in the field.

There were … Read More

Mack G. – Military To Private Sector – $160,000 Base + Great Package

Executive Placement

Mack G. is a former Lt. Colonel in the Air Force who moved into a successful business career culminating as Director of Federal Programs at XXXX. Mack had gone as far as he wanted to go with XXXX, and sought other more challenging environments. Excellent networking and persistent follow up positioned Mack to get an interview for a consulting position with YYYY. Mack even went so far as to learn what golf clubs some of the key “players” in YYYY belonged to and leveraged that information to break the ice in conversations.

The key to Mack’s success in landing his current position with YYYY was the interviewing strategy he learned from Stewart, Cooper & Coon. In his very last … Read More

Rob B – $75K Guaranteed Commission – $15K salary increase – Great Package

A note to let you know that Rob has placed and that he is very pleased with his offer. His new title is International Sales Manager with XXXX, a company that Pam Longworth, his SC&C Marketing Specialist introduced him to as she was called target companies on his behalf.

Rob wrote us and said, “I am very pleased with the outcome. I want to thank you for all your help with this, you and your team have been amazing. In fact, I Read More

Alan W. – $180K Base – 30% Bonus – Home Again – Innovative Intl. Company

Alan came to us because he needed assistance to move from a very time-consuming consultative role with his former employer. He had been in China for an extended period of time but his family was still located in Massachusetts. When he started his search, he had a time and distance issue.  Every two months, Alan had to spend a month in China. This made communication with SC&C more difficult, not to mention executing a personal networking strategy that would help him find his … Read More

DawnG. – 125 applicants, 2 wk. interview process – $170K Base + Options

A note from Barbara Limmer, Dawn’s SC&C Campaign Director.  I am thrilled to announce that Dawn has accepted the position of Director of IT for XXXX, a cloud computing and voice company. Dawn came to us after she had been laid off when her company was sold. She had never really interviewed or looked for a job before—all previous jobs came to her through referrals and recommendations. She admitted to having a great deal of anxiety about interviewing.

She worked very hard … Read More

John M. – Great Relocation Package

John has accepted a position with XXXX. They brought John on board to “develop a more robust position in the Commercial and Industrial fire protection markets.”  They created the role of Director of Commercial and Industrial Business Development, which will report to the Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

John utilized the needs, challenges, and opportunities approach, as his main strategy focus in this search. We coached him on when networking with executives from various companies at a large industry-related convention that … Read More

Patrick V. – Dream Job – New Career – Non-Profit – Wife Thrilled!

Patrick was working for a nonprofit in the mid-south when he was hired by a family-owned manufacturer in the mid-west as their COO.  His role was to drive a strategy for growth and improve internal communications.  He was also asked to develop a strategy for converting the organization to an employee-owned company.  Despite Patrick’s great success in the role, the family decided not to pursue employee-ownership and eliminated Patrick’s position.

Patrick and his family were determined to relocate to the home where … Read More

Rick K. – Age 57 – 90 Day Search Time + Perfect Job + + Great Package!

It is my pleasure to announce that Rick has accepted the position of Director, Physical Plant, for XXXX. This is an outstanding fit for Rick who loves the education environment. He will be working with an organization that is also is a solid cultural fit for him.

Rick is a late 50’s former executive who has been teaching high school chemistry for the last 2 years and hated it. Throughout his career he had acquired an interesting and diverse background but was concerned about the … Read More

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